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December 01, 2013
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Date:  Wednesday, November 13th at 6:15 – 7:45 pm

           (We will be gathering the 2nd Wednesday of EACH MONTH at the same time)

Place:  Merolla Chiropractic, 100 Bedford St., New Bedford, MA 02740.

Theme for November:  Clean Eating During The Holidays

***There is a $10 Participation fee for each session.
Receive Support while learning and growing with one another to make Clean Eating become Easy Eating.  Everyone is welcome to attend and we ENCOURAGE attendance from the beginner to the experienced. We aim to provide insight into meal preparation and recipe sharing.  Each month we will present an educational segment and demo or highlight a recipe.
Each month we will have an on-time drawing for a door prize for those who arrive on time and starting next year there will be a two BIG DRAWINGS during the year (months to be determined).                        

*Bring a Recipe that you love related to the month’s theme, your questions, and an open mind to the club

*We will gather all recipes and make edits to CLEAN them up

*You will start a collection of CLEAN recipes!

*We will answer your questions.

**Ideas are accepted and appreciated to make the experience AMAZING for everyone**

PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SPOTby signing up in our office, emailing us at, or by calling (508) 508-996-6781.  Questions? Feel free to call Mona Merolla, who will be hosting the club, at (508) 982-2458.

By New Bedford Chiropractor
July 14, 2013
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Women who were evaluated to possess adequate serum levels of vitamin D most of us do not have levels high enough due to the low RDA) were shown to have a 32% decreased risk of developing uterine fibroids compared to women found to be vitamin D deficient.

Just another slam dunk for D!

By Chiropractor New Bedford, MA
July 14, 2013
Category: diet

A recent study on essential fatty acids highlights the different nutritional needs of men versus women.

As you might think, men and women have varied nutritional requirements.  And of course, this can impact specific aspects of human health differently for men vs. women. 

In the study, when evaluating thrombotic (blood clot) disease risk, men who supplemented with an EPA rich omega-3 fatty acid experienced a reduction in platelet aggregation (clotting) as opposed to women who experienced a similar effect only when supplementing with DHA rich omega-3 fatty acid.

So when you reach for a fish oil supplement, gender can matter!

PS- This is the fish oil supplement in use in my home!  It has a good balance of EPA, DHA, and other not yet discovered fatty acids.  If you are interested, call the office for the website code and you can order it online.


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July 08, 2013
Category: weight loss
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Interested in weight loss?  You need to talk to Leptin & Ghrelin.

It may sound like a law firm, but leptin and ghrelin are actually two vital hormones involved in stimulating and suppressing your appetite.

Leptin suppresses hunger and is produced in the fat cells of the body.

Ghrelin stimulates your appetite and is released from your stomach.

If you are trying to lose or maintain weight loss, it is better to release more leptin and less ghrelin, because leptin tells your body that it is full.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get enough sleep.

And one of the easiest ways to promote wait gain is to not get enough sleep  (see study here).

But there is another major player involved in weight gain and sleep: the hormone cortisol.

Getting enough sleep lowers cortisol levels, while a lack of sleep elevates cortisol.

When cortisol levels go up, metabolism goes down. 

How does this happen?  Cortisol when elevated, tells the body to break down protein in order to produced glucose.  Over time, this breakdown of protein leads to less muscle mass which lowers metabolism.  Your muscles require fuel (calories), even at rest.  With less muscle there is less calorie burning and therefore a lowered metabolism.

But it can get worse.  If you are breaking down protein to make glucose and you already have an adequate supply of glucose, your body will store the glucose as fat.

On top of that, cortisol interferes with the body’s ability to build muscle.

So if you are going to the gym, but triggering high cortisol levels, you are not going to make the gains you would like with regard to your body composition (the amount of fat to muscle).

The bottom line is that if you are trying to maintain or lose weight, you do not want to raise cortisol or ghrelin levels, and leptin levels should be promoted.  Getting enough sleep helps you do just that and promotes better health in general.


If you want to get a handle on where your cortisol levels are, it has never been easier.  Just stop by Merolla Chiropractic in New Bedford or Fall River for a home test kit based on saliva samples.  It will accurately read your cortisol levels in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and night.  And from there, we can go back to burning fat, not storing it!



By New Bedford Chiropractor
June 26, 2013
Category: low back pain

Sitting Is The New Smoking!

Prolonged sitting at work, in the car, or at home, isn’t limited to causing low back pain.

In the 05/25/13 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Anup Kanodia, a doctor / researcher at the Center for Personalized Health Care located at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center stated, "Sitting is the new smoking."

Dr. Kanodia was citing an October 2012 Australian study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.  

According to the study, which compared sitting and smoking, each hour of TV that people watched while sitting, decreases lifespan by about 22 minutes.  And in the study it was estimated that smokers shorten their lifespan by about 11 minutes per cigarette.

So if you think about, sitting down to watch TV while smoking can be pretty unhealthy.

I mean like watching a horror movie unhealthy, where you want to shout at the screen.  “Don’t sit in that chair, it will kill you!  No!!!  Don’t light up that cigarette!  It means certain death!  I can’t watch...he’s going for the bag of Doritos!  Tell me when it’s over.


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