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By New Bedford Chiropractor
June 23, 2013
Category: cholesterol

Is it normal to be average?

Temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight, and cholesterol are all important.  They are things that have been measured over time and compared to many other people.  And from these comparisons averages are obtained. 

And while averages might be helpful, they allow doctors to run the risk of treating you as a mechanism and without intelligence.

For example, a standard wristwatch is mechanistic and without intelligence.  If you cross into a different time zone, it does not know how to adapt and tell you the right time.

But your body is vitalistic and does have innate intelligence.  It knows how to adapt to its environment.

So elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, a fever, chronic back pain, or weight gain are really not in themselves diagnoses or even the health problems.  They are signals that the body is adapting to something.

And while the adaptation may not be healthy, such symptoms open the door for detective work as to what is really occurring in that individuals diet, lifestyle, or environment.

Think about it.

How should you treat a diagnosis such as high blood pressure?  Like the body was a dumb loaf of bread and needs a medication to drive it down?

Or should your recognize the body is elevating the blood pressure for a reason.  That something deeper is going on in that person’s health and life that the innate intelligence of the body is responding to in the best way that it can.  The raised blood pressure is just a symptom, not the cause.

If you acknowledge the body is intelligent, it is easy to become more interested in the person than just their symptoms.

By Dr Mike Merolla
January 27, 2013
Category: diet
Tags: coffee   cortisol   weight  

I was driving my kids to school the other day and while waiting at a light I couldn’t help but watch people going in and out of the local Dunkin Donuts coffee shop. 

There was a brisk line (as there is every morning I drive the kids to school).  And it came to me that this chronic use of coffee is an excellent example of how we can damage the metabolism of our body without even knowing.

When you wake up, your body requires food after having fasted all night.  If you skip breakfast in favor of a large coffee, biochemically all h*ll breaks loose inside. 

First, your cortisol is elevated to artificially high levels by the caffeine.  High cortisol feels good, but is damaging to the body. 

And if you have added sugar to your coffee or a donut or bagel, your blood sugar also spikes.  When your blood sugar spikes, insulin is released to lower your blood sugar.  But when your blood sugar drops under these circumstances, it is too much and too fast, so your brain demands more. 

Your body then uses its cortisol to break down your muscle and bone for building blocks to help your liver make more sugar.  You have shifted your body from growth and repair into a catabolic state (breaking down your important cells and tissues).  And for all of you who still think using artificial sweeteners helps with weight control, this part of the break down is independent of sugar, so even with Splenda the breakdown is still occurring.

This scene plays out every day, living through a blood sugar spike which leads to an increase in insulin to remove the excess glucose, which then triggers the production of inflammatory chemicals, which in turn causes an increase cortisol.  Cortisol then does it job and increases blood sugar and the vicious cycle continues. 

As an added bonus, once insulin enters the picture, your body goes into fat storing mode (so you set yourself up for weight for the rest of the day while your body plays catch up on your metabolism).

So, in order be healthier you might just want to rethink the whole coffee thing and go with a couple of eggs.


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