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By Dr Mike Merolla
January 31, 2013
Category: diet
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Most people realize that if you were to stop eating, you would die.

Your body would be unable to fuel itself and regenerate.  That is because food is the material that your body uses for the creation of structural cells, functional cells, and cells involved in energy.  These must come from the nutrition in your food.

But most people don't realize that poor nutritional choices such as junk food, skipping meals, and avoiding food groups (like vegetables) may not kill you, but they will make you miserable, and perhaps lock you into poor health.

Your body is controlled by your brain and nervous system.  The nervous sytem ties into all your other systems telling them what to do.  But there are also hormones and biochemicals that are required for full communication.

So when you change your food and eating habits (for good or bad), you change your biochemicals and hormones.  This in turn either helps or hinders communication with your brain and nervous system.

So where are you when it comes to healthy eating.  The easiest way to find out if keep a three day food journal and then stop by the office.  When I have someone that wants to get well, this is where I start.  Often times my patient is quite embarrassed as I look over their shoulder at what they are eating!  Which is OK.  They feels this way because they instinctively know that what they are doing wrong.  They just need a little guidence, encouragement, and a couple of guideposts set up along the way.  Here is a link to like: