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By Chiropractor New Bedford, MA
July 14, 2013
Category: diet

A recent study on essential fatty acids highlights the different nutritional needs of men versus women.

As you might think, men and women have varied nutritional requirements.  And of course, this can impact specific aspects of human health differently for men vs. women. 

In the study, when evaluating thrombotic (blood clot) disease risk, men who supplemented with an EPA rich omega-3 fatty acid experienced a reduction in platelet aggregation (clotting) as opposed to women who experienced a similar effect only when supplementing with DHA rich omega-3 fatty acid.

So when you reach for a fish oil supplement, gender can matter!

PS- This is the fish oil supplement in use in my home!  It has a good balance of EPA, DHA, and other not yet discovered fatty acids.  If you are interested, call the office for the website code and you can order it online.