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By Dr Mike Merolla
June 29, 2012
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Pound for pound, I think the brains of chiropractic patient’s are bigger…and I have the link to prove it!

A study all the way back in 2004 shows that those who suffer from chronic back pain for at least a year experience a decrease in the brain's gray matter. 

The gray matter of your brain is made up of neurons and is where thinking is done.  In the gray matter you will find your memories and the ability to process information.

Normally, as we age, we lose some of this gray matter.

What is most shocking about this study is that the loss of gray matter with chronic back pain is about the same as 10 to 20 years of normal aging.

Talk about getting old before your time.

And what about other sources of pain not addressed by the research.  How about if you go in and out of migraines, or regular headaches, neck pain, muscle pain, arthritis, and back pain?  Does all this ad up to brain shrinkage?

I think so.

And that’s why you’ll find the biggest brains under regular chiropractic care. 

All those chiropractic adjustments turning on your nervous system is at the cutting edge of the anti-aging medicine.  They allow your body to maintain its ability to perform proper healing.  Pain just doesn’t have a chance to settle in and pickle your brain.

Still don’t believe me?  Just stop into my office anytime and you will see a reception area full of bobble heads!