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By Merolla Chiropractic
April 09, 2014
Category: Whiplash
Tags: chiropractic   whiplash   injury neck   treatment  

Research has shown that getting rear ended in a motor vehicle accident does not result in a simple sprain to the muscles and ligaments of the neck and back.

In fact, when your automobile is struck from behind, your neck curves in an abnormal S-shape.  This changes the way your neck moves after the injury.

Normally, the joints of your neck are well lubricated and easily glide over one another.  But the forces involved in a car crash can cause enough damage to involve not just the joints, but the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and discs.

Even the tiny nerves in ligaments, called proprioceptors, which are involved in sending information back to your brain about the position of your spinal joints can be damaged.  This causes further problems with joint movement after an injury.

Luckily, chiropractic adjustments of the spine are able to return normal movement and position of the spinal vertebrae.  And happen to be the most single effective treatment for improving the far-reaching impact of whiplash injuries.


By Dr Mike Merolla
April 06, 2014
Category: Longevity
Tags: chiropractic   neck   grip   strength   longevity   cervical   vertebral   subluxation  

In this study, athletes both male and female, from a Brazilian national judo team were assigned randomly to one of two groups. 

The first group was given a chiropractic adjustment to correct any vertebral subluxations (misalignments in the spinal bones) in the neck.  The other group received a fake chiropractic adjustment.  The martial artists in both groups had their grip strength measured both before and after the real or fake chiropractic adjustment. 

The athletes who received the real chiropractic adjustment showed an over 10% improvement in grip strength.  The athletes who received the fake treatment showed no improvement.  And at no time in the study was treatment given to the hands or wrists of athletes.  Only the cervical spine (neck) was adjusted.  This area was chosen because the nerves from this region control the muscular machinery of the hands and wrists.

As in so many sports, grip strength is very important.  But is also important for so many activities related to work and daily living.

Grip strength has also been linked to overall vitality and longevity in several studies.