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By Dr. Mike Merolla
January 30, 2013
Category: hearing loss
Tags: chiropractic   neck   dizziness   tinnitus   anxiety   hearing loss  

A 75 year old women underwent chiropractic care due to several years of dizziness, hearing loss, and ringing in the ears that had been progressively getting worse during the month before her first chiropractic visit.  The same women was on an anti-anxiety medication and had taken it for almost 30 years.

Her chiropractic examination revealed clear evidence of a subluxation in the upper portion of her neck.  The patient also had her hearing tested just prior to chiropractic care, which revealed hearing loss, particularly in the higher frequencies.

She then underwent chiropractic care for just over twelve weeks.  At the end of her care, she was no longer dizzy, did not have any ringing in the ears, and had stopped taking her anxiety medication because she no longer suffered from panic attacks.  To top it all off, when her hearing was re-tested, she had improved.  Most notably there was a 38% improvement in the higher frequencies.

How could such results be had from chiropractic care?   Well, the upper segments of the neck house much of the nerve supply to the inner ear and the blood vessels leading to the brain.

When a subluxation disrupts the normal function of these nerves, all sorts of health problems can result.

From: Vertigo, Tinnitus, and Hearing Loss in the Geriatric Patient.  JMPT , 2000; 23: 352-363.

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